Whether in the theater or in a classroom, our intention is to create safe spaces for learning to happen. The students in Phonetic Spit’s workshops become the performers on our stages and in that way engage in a process that moves them from student to teacher. Each workshop space mirrors the values and culture that we seek to resonate in our performance spaces.

We encourage our audiences to develop ethic towards reciprocity and a sincere appreciation for the lives and stories of others. We see our theaters and auditoriums as classrooms, and believe the transition from we as teachers to students is both rewarding and empowering for everyone involved. It is the teacher that models this approach for each of the students both in practice as workshop facilitators, and as performers and audience members.

Creative Writing & Performance workshops

These standards-based workshops are facilitated by trained Phonetic Spit Poet-Mentors, who partner with schools, community centers, and group homes to bring high level creative writing and performance poetry workshops to the youth. Curriculum is developed, and designed to help youth bring their own personal narratives into dialogue with the issues and themes being discussed in their community.


Phonetic Spit offers classroom workshops and all-school assemblies to Middle and High Schools interested in introducing their students to the power of spoken word and poetry. Our school wide assemblies are showcase-style and feature some of the most talented spoken word artists in the Phoenix Area. All assemblies are appropriate for middle and high schools, and are combined with a 90 minute, theme-based creative writing workshops facilitated by trained Phonetic Spit poet-mentors.