The Soul Justice Project

The Soul Justice Project (SJP) is dedicated to curating interdisciplinary performances that fuse together politics, dance, spoken word, live (soul) music, and community partnerships in an effort to combat the silencing of marginalized voices. Thematically, the SJP uses a form of theatre referred to as Newspaper Theatre, which was founded in 1971, in Brazil, by Augusta Boal. Newspaper theatre has a specific goal of addressing local/global justice issues by interrogating media outlets. Tomas J. Stanton, Founder of the Soul Justice Project, has chosen this platform to highlight current acts of local injustices but also with the intent on bridging together divided communities centered on the arts and dialogue.

Performances are followed by community dialogue with invited direct action representatives and audience members. Local activists and organizations, who are working in the area of direct action with social justice issues, provide outlets for audience members who are looking to get involved beyond the performance.